Foster parents play a critical role at Nuevo Amanecer Latino. These incredibly dedicated individuals are engaged in the daily challenge of bringing hope and happiness into our children’s lives.

Nuevo Amanecer Latino’s foster parents provide safe, stable home environments for foster children. We need adults who are willing to help with the medical, educational and mental health needs of our children. Our foster parents need to be able to work with various entities, schools and care providers with the best interests of the children at heart. Nuevo Amanecer Latino’s foster parents are filled with commitment, patience and understanding, along with intense dedication to our children.

How to become a Foster Parent

  • Contact Nuevo Amanecer Latino’s recruiting counselor
  • Complete initial application packet
  • Obtain a DOJ, FBI, and Child abuse clearance
  • Complete (32) hours of initial training
  • Complete CPR and First Aid Training
  • Complete other paperwork as needed
  • Undergo a SAFE Home Study

If you would like to complete the initial paperwork on becoming a foster parent, please download the information packet at the top of the page. 

For more information about Nuevo Amanecer Latino foster care program, please contact us at (888)625-3321.